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Morning Tea Ideas For Corporate Events

Event Company Singapore: Hosting a morning tea for corporate events can prove beneficial for any number of reasons, not least of all being a wide variety of light snacks and finger foods available for your consumption. Of course, choosing dietary options to meet your guests' requirements is just as important so let us take a look at some viable options for your consideration: leading event company singapore

1. Go for something sweet

This one's especially for those with a sweet tooth: go for some bite-sized versions of traditional pastries such as kueh lapis, egg tarts or fruit tarts, and chocolate truffles if you're feeling a little more fancy. #1 event company in singapore

2. Savoury treats

You can also opt for some savoury treats on the side to offset the sweetness. Samosas, mini curry puffs, spring rolls, whichever you feel can offer that right balance without overpowering the senses should be dependent on what your guests may go for. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Finger sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are always a popular food at any upscale event such as this due to their convenience and how easy to eat they are. Go for the classics: tuna mayo, egg mayo, cucumber and egg mayo, etc. Diversify the range of finger sandwiches according to your guests' preferences if you want to leave them clamouring for more. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Gluten-free options

Keep in mind that some of your guests may be allergic to gluten, so have some gluten-free options on hand strictly for that demographic. You can opt for gluten-free versions of classic sandwiches and sweets as previously mentioned, just make to separate them from their normal counterparts so as to avoid any mix-ups. leading event company singapore Event Company Singapore

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