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5 Business Card Alternatives For Events

Event Company Singapore: Have you ever wanted to get your name and business out there in the world, but you want to be creative about it rather than stamp the name of your event company Singapore on some boring laminated card? Well, never fear! We scoured the Internet looking for ingenious ideas, and we have found the 5 best and most creative alternatives to the business card just for you:

1. Coasters

Coasters are an ingenious way of making your mark (no pun intended) . Not only do they make for a fun business card, they can also double as a, well, coaster for coffee cups and beer mugs. Just make sure you waterproof your coasters before use, unless you have no problem ruining the lettering.

2. Matchboxes

Now here's something to light the world on fire: using customized matchboxes with the name of your event company Singapore emblazoned upon them. These matchboxes can help strike up a conversation with potential customers and ignite their interest in your company, and they are also surprisingly easy to make!

3. 3D Business Cards

Designing 3D business cards to promote your event company Singapore is most certainly a fun innovative way of getting the word out for your business. These cards function as a traditional business card and an animation booklet with some eye-catching visuals (according to your personal preferences of course). Using high-quality materials and having an eye for creative flair are definite ingredients for the perfect business card.

4. LEGO Figures

Now here's an idea totally out of this world: blow your competitors away with your very own LEGO figurine! While it may be as crazy as it sounds, this is a surefire of drawing attention to your event company Singapore whilst promoting your business via a LEGO figurine with your company logo emblazoned upon it in creative fashion.

5. Fortune Cookies

Lastly, how about something inspirational for a change? Fortune cookies would make for a great business card, and with the Lunar New Year coming round the corner nothing quite helps your event company Singapore get noticed like a good old delicious fortune cookie with a piece of paper emblazoned with your company logo to spark interest in potential clients.

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