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5 Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Event Company Singapore

Event Company Singapore: Corporate events are an excellent way for companies to engage with employees. If you happen to plan these events, this article is for you. The following fun corporate event ideas will help you plan the event of the century.

Employee happiness is one of the most crucial factors in running a successful company. Happy employees tend to perform better, talk better about the company, and contribute more to the company’s overall profits and success.

A corporate event is only one factor that contributes to employee happiness, so make sure to add other employee engagement ideas to the mix. Nevertheless, a work event gives employees the chance to create positive memories.

Here are 5 corporate event ideas.

1. Houseplant workshop

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Everyone likes plants, but most of us manage to kill them after a few weeks of having them. Give employees the gift of botany by inviting them to participate in a local plant workshop.

During the workshop, ask attendees to take photos of their plant babies and add them to a social wall. They can add the pictures via social media with a branded hashtag or as Direct Posts. After a few weeks, ask everyone to share their progress!

It’ll be a joy for everyone to share their plants alive and thriving!

2. Trivia Quiz Night

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A trivia or quiz is the perfect excuse to test the brainiest of employees. The best thing about trivia is you can host it online and offline!

Invite all employees to tune in to a social wall with real-time updates. There you can promote the big prize, and announce the winners of each round. In addition, everyone will post selfies and comments directly to the wall.

3. Employee Appreciation Awards

Did you know that 69% of employees would work harder if they received more recognition?

You can turn their wishes into reality by planning an employee appreciation award ceremony. This is a regular award ceremony, but each employee goes home with an award. The fun part about this idea is that you can make up random categories, such as Most Empathetic, Best Small Talk, or Best Dressed!

4. Costume Competition

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There is so much creativity hiding in your team, and costume competition is a perfect opportunity to let employees’ imaginations run wild.

You may have one winner or many categories like “best PG-13 costume” and “best group costume.” The purpose of this contest is to let employees mingle and have fun. If you have remote employees, they can participate too via zoom or by posting their photos on a social wall.

5. Karaoke

Event Company Singapore 4

Use the power of pop music to let employees show teamwork and have lots of fun!

You can pick a different genre every time you meet and assign judges that score the participants. As always, make sure to take plenty of photos and videos and ask everyone to use the company hashtag when posting to social media to collect the content on a social wall.

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