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5 Great Gift Ideas For Event Speakers

Event Company Singapore: Speakers are at the heart of any event:. A solid lineup can mean the difference between success and failure and your speakers put a lot of work into preparing for your event. If they have a good experience themselves and feel appreciated, they’re more likely to tell colleagues, fans, and other influencers how much they love your event.For all of these reasons, it’s important to properly thank your speakers once your event wraps up. Here are a few gift ideas to make your speakers feel that much more appreciated: leading event company singapore

1. Notebooks/any handy accessories

Go old school with a high-quality leather or suede-covered notebook, perfect for jotting down notes and brilliant witticisms for next time. Alternatively, gift them with a spare external battery or waterproof cover for their laptop or tablet that they use frequently for speaking engagements. #1 event company in singapore

2. Gifts to make them laugh

Cheer your speaker up after a hard day's work with a custom-made bobblehead of themselves. If you want to make your speaker laugh and present them with something meaningful at the same time, invite a caricaturist to your event and have them draw your speakers along with the attendees. Once your event is over, you can give them the artwork to take home, for a truly original gift. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Gifts to leave them in high spirits (literally)

Makers of fine spirits often offer the option of ordering personalised or even engraved bottles, so maybe find out your speakers' preferred choice of liquor and have a custom-made bottle of their favourite liquor along with any embellishments for that personal touch. If your speakers don't drink alcohol though, you can present them with a bottle of the finest ground coffee or o with a gift certificate or even a coffee subscription to Starbucks or any similar coffee brand. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Give back to a charitable cause

Sometimes, the nicest thing you can gift someone is a donation to someone else. Perhaps you happen to know of a cause that’s close to the speaker’s heart, or is relevant subject matter. Alternatively, you can opt for a more general business-minded charity such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) or the Red Cross, for instance. Event Company Singapore

5. Give them a worthy experience (voucher)

Give the gift of a memorable experience, and your speaker will be the first to volunteer to come back next year. Go with something specific, like a gift certificate to the hottest new restaurant in town or an elegant spa, or sign them up for exclusive events such as culinary tasting tours, etc. leading event company singapore

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