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5 Handy Tips To Boost Event Marketing

Event Company Singapore: Event marketing is one of the fastest growing and highly lucrative fields in the advertising and marketing industry, and for good reason too: event marketers often employ tactics that no one else outside of the industry would ever know to use, and that becomes invaluable to any event company Singapore wanting to grow and make their mark in the long run. So if you are an inspiring event marketer, here are 5 handy tips that you can use to boost event marketing:

1. Using email signatures

For those in the know, email signatures are a significantly effective event marketing tool and utilising them to great effect would help you in more ways than one. It is believed around 40 business emails are sent out a day on average, so if you were to surreptitiously use email signatures in every email sent out it better promotes your event and spreads awareness more effectively. There are a ton of good email signature creators out there, so use them to your advantage today. best event company in singapore

2. Record video invitations from special guests for your event

Here's a great way of getting more buzz for your event on behalf of your event company Singapore: ask your special guests, guest speakers, and prominent personalities to record video invitations to the event. Using video as opposed to text helps convey a palpable sense of excitement surrounding the event to target audiences, thus generating more interest and having the audiences clamouring to know more about the event. Make sure the video invitations are short and sweet and captures the audience's attention enough to leave a lasting impression. #1 event company in singapore

3. Sharing the preparation process with your audience

Use social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to provide the latest updates to your audience in order to keep them excited about your event. Put up pertinent information such as behind-the-scenes photos or revealing the special guest line-up keeps your audience riveted with anticipation at what you have in store. top event company singapore

4. Live streaming with special guests

Live streaming via platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have become a fast-growing trend due to its high level of interaction between streamer and audience, making it a viable form of promoting your event. Conduct a live session with special guests to help promote the event, and using a live chat which allows a more intimate interactive process between guests and the audience as they respond to queries and comments helps to further enhance the experience. best event company in singapore

5. Social media ticket giveaway

Honestly social media ticket giveaways are considered by event marketers and many an event company as the best way of advertising your event. Conduct a social media ticket giveaway in various ways: asking the audience to tag a friend, or fill out a survey, or retweet promotional materials, or send a Snapchat drawing. You can either select a participant at random for all of these methods or pick which ones you liked the best and even share discount codes with all those who participated in the giveaway. event company singapore


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