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5 More Creative Birthday Ideas

Event Company Singapore: Last time, we covered a few birthday ideas that would bring a new creative perspective to traditional birthday celebrations. Well, here's 5 more ideas that might just keep those creative juices flowing and make your special day that much more exciting: leading event company singapore

1. Take to the skies

This one's not for the faint of heart: If you have a taste for the extreme, look no further than skydiving. With the help of trained professional instructors, take to the skies for one exciting joyride, and you can drag your helpless friends along for the ride! #1 event company in singapore

2. Be one with nature

Looking to get back in touch with nature on your birthday? Why not go for a trek through the mountains, swim amidst a great waterfall, or maybe go for a nice refreshing walk at Mount Faber instead, so long as you feel one with nature alongside your friends on your special day. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Have a spooky time

Turn your big day into a scary one with an early Halloween-themed birthday party. Get yourself and your guests dressed up in their spookiest get-ups and have some crazy treats available (brain jell-o, anyone?), also what about a birthday cake in the shape of Castle Dracula? Now that sounds like a scary good time! Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Go on a shopping spree

Sometimes, it's good to spoil yourself a little. So, if you have a load of cash to splurge (and some vouchers on the side), why not indulge in a shopping spree with your BFFs and shop to your heart's content? You only live once after all. leading event company singapore

5. Go with the flow

Sometimes, you have no plans and you are wondering what to do for your birthday. So what can you do? Just go with the flow and do what you want, albeit in moderation of course. You can even take all the previous ideas and mash it into one giant birthday extravaganza if you feel like it! Event Company Singapore

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