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5 More Photo Booth Ideas For Your Event

Event Company Singapore: As talked about previously, photo booths are a great addition to any event to amp up the proceedings and add that dash of colour and excitement. We have come up with another 5 more exciting photo booth ideas that you may want to consider the next time you hold a snazzy event: leading event company singapore

1. Selfie Mirror

If you love a good selfie, this photo booth might just give you a unique experience! The mirror gives attendees a hands-free selfie opportunity as well as a digital touchscreen display for easy operating. #1 event company in singapore

2. Sitting Sofa

Allow guests to relax and take a load off with this informal style photo booth. The couch can accommodate several people with some standing behind for different tiers and large groups while the booth itself has a digital screen so everyone can position before it captures the image. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Big Balloons

Balloons and inflatables can provide a stunning backdrop that ties into décor and colour scheme. A major benefit of having a balloon-centric photo booth is that it's easily adaptable and can be moved so that you can transition the venue from one use to another throughout the day. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Photo Bus

This converted bus is filled with fun scenes and props in the back for a fun pop up addition at outdoor events, for instance. The big photo signage on the top helps it stand out among the crowd and would be an excellent novelty at a festival. leading event company singapore

5. Themed Photobooths

Use your imagination when thinking themed booths and you could incorporate everyday elements for an absolutely stunning photo-op. Use props and outfits indicative of the chosen theme and have fun with your friends. Event Company Singapore

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