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5 Must-Read Books For Event Planners

Event Company Singapore: In this day and age, a good planner from any event company Singapore can obtain the necessary information at the touch of a button from all over the Internet. But what about a good old-fashioned book? Nothing quite screams "intelligence" like having a stack of books on your shelf for all to see, but I digress. Here are 5 great books that every event planner worth their salt must read:

In its sixth edition, this book has been hailed by many an event company Singapore as the "bible of special events", and for good reason too. With chapters discerning corporate social responsibility, breaking down event planning in an easily digestible way and introducing theoretical case studies for your discretion, Goldblatt's book is every inch the go-to guide for event planners.

Dale Carnegie -How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book has been hailed as a classic in every form of the word with Carnegie's effervescent ways of helping you achieve success, be it six ways to make people like you or winning people over with your way of thinking in 12 easy steps. This one's a guaranteed read for any event company Singapore planner indeed.

In this book, der Vijver delves into the traditional meeting as a form of communication and employing his unique concepts in helping develop meaningful meeting designs that allow for effective communication. This book is definitely useful for planners from any event company Singapore when it comes to discussing event planning and organising.

Described as "apprenticeship in a book", Allen's book runs through a narrative journey into the world of event planning with a keen yet at times candid eye. Various scenarios from all facets of the event planning game is introduced here, so no matter which event company Singapore you work for, you might find this book relatable and even fun!

Allison Saget - The Event Marketing Handbook : Beyond Logistics and Planning

For the average planner looking to make loads of money for their event company Singapore, this book is right up your alley. Saget runs through the ins and out of the logistics of event planning and management with incredible detail and even helps readers understand how to market themselves effectively to potential customers. A definite must-read for potential event planners in the making.

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