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5 Must-Watch Films For Event Companies

Event Company Singapore: Now there are a lot of films about events that have been released over the years, from films about weddings (and a funeral here and there) to birthday parties and Christmas celebrations, there is absolutely no shortage of such films. But this is not what we'll be covering here, the following recommendations are films every event company Singapore must watch at least once:

Based on the real-life story of famed Japanese wedding planner Yoshitaka Nojiri, this documentary screened at the legendary Cannes Film Festival takes an in-depth look into wedding planning through the eyes of Nojiri and his company, One Heart Wedding, from his formative years as a budding planner to the present where he and his team focus on important details and aspects of planning the perfect wedding for his clients.This is a definite must for any event company Singapore worth their salt!

This timeless classic starring Stanley Tucci and Minnie Driver pays homage to the joys of food and how a well-thought out meal rife with some of the most delicious delicacies can bring people together round the table. More importantly, this lauded film has a few pointers that every event company Singapore could take away from in regards to how important food can be in making an event that much more memorable for guests.

This wacky comedy set against the backdrop of an annual dog show will have you in stitches, but more than that it's got some important albeit exaggerated behind-the-scenes looks at how an event is run (or in this case, how a cast of zany characters run a dog show with hilarious consequences). Every event company Singapore will have a good laugh watching this comedic gem!

First premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2016, this documentary takes an incisive look into the machinations of a year-long process planning of the "China: Through the Looking Glass" exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is one film that any event company Singapore would want to check out, especially as it deals with the challenges posed during the meticulous process of planning such a large-scale event.

This last entry may seem as if it has nothing to do with events in the same way as previous entries, but this classic film by legendary auteur Sidney Lumet deals with similar and all-too-real themes that employees from every event company Singapore would be uncomfortably familiar with: negotiating with people who can be quite obstinate and recalcitrant at times and having to come to some sort of consensus with your team even if you don't agree on certain ideas. Certainly a good watch, even if it's purely for the cinematic experience.

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