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5 Tips & Tricks For Event Coordinators

Event Company Singapore: Being an event coordinator is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs one can take up, but it takes more than a simple degree to be an exceptional event coordinator worth your salt. Which is why here, we'll be sharing 5 tips and tricks that event coordinators should learn on the job at their event company Singapore:

1. Gather as much data as you can

As you might know, doing tons of research is necessary albeit a tad tedious, but it is essential to gather as much data as you can. For any event company Singapore, implementing surveys and questionnaires that go beyond mere opinion is a real boon in determining what their clients would like for their events on top of having quantifiable data to support whatever business decisions would be made in the long run. Having good data is invaluable and empowers you to negotiate with clients every step of the way.

2. Use social media as a barometer for your event's success

It's more than just taking a photo for posterity's sake, check Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to find out if your clients and/or event attendees are taking photos at your events and sharing them online there via the relevant hashtags. To further increase your chances, ensure that every design choice for your event encourages social media interaction, like a photo booth with the relevant social media logos that will act as a call to action for instance. If your events trend well on social media, this will benefit your event company Singapore greatly.

3. Be proactive

Apart from fulfilling the requests of your clients working with your event company Singapore, be sure to proactively include your partners in the decision-making and planning process as well so as to keep them abreast of every minute detail in the early stages of planning your events. Don't wait till the last minute when your event is in the latter stage, getting your partners' input might help you out a lot more than you think.

4. Don't rest on your laurels

Instead of resting on your laurels every time your event turns out successfully, ask yourself: what can I do to better myself as an event coordinator in future? Take any and every opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve upon them, think outside the box and don't be afraid to explore uncharted territory even if you're unsure of what to expect. That wealth of new talents and experience will benefit you greatly during your time with your event company Singapore so invest in learning.

5. Be able to think on your feet

This one is probably the most obvious and yet it can be surprisingly tough for many an event coordinator, especially if you've been rather comfortable working at your current event company Singapore. Being able to turn an impending disaster around is in itself a victory, so always have some sort of contingency plan in case, for instance having an accountability partner to act as a check and balance when overseeing the event planning process. Most importantly, being quick-witted and sharp is key to being the best event coordinator you can be.

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