How To Create A Great Marketing Plan For Your Event

June 15, 2018


Event Company Singapore: You put a great amount of effort into organising an event, but you might often get worried about how many people will show up at the event and how you can help them get the most out of your event. There is a lot to consider for event promotion, but don’t be overwhelmed. We're here to help out, so here are some great ways to market your event without losing any sleep:

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Set your goals and budget

Your event’s goals are what your marketing plan is dependent on, so you must absolutely set them before moving on to the next step. Ask yourself the following: do you want your event to achieve a tangible goal such as attracting a fixed number of attendees, or an intangible goal such as strengthening relationships with your association members or business partners through the event? You should also be aware of the budget allocated to your marketing effort; while constraints will set limits on certain things, they’ll also show you where you can get creative. 

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Content creation and management tactics


Keeping the goals in mind, prepare the marketing content such as the event schedule, speaker list, and key messages to highlight, e.g. benefits of attending the event, keynote speeches, testimonials or a video from the previous event, etc are all important. However, always ensure that you have a good content management plan before you move ahead to the next step and create an event website or app, and spread the word. It will help avoid tons of manual tasks and time spent. As not all event information is available at once, you may have to manually and repeatedly update event websites, registration pages, and many other materials at your disposal.

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Promote your event in the right places

To properly identify your target market, you need to define it through key demographics such as age, gender, and industry, as well as psychographics such as usage of technology, interests, and motivation to attend your events. You can first analyse attendee data collected from previous events, which coupled with technology usage will tell you what channels and tactics are effective means of reaching out to them. While older folk may be better informed through more traditional methods, young adults are almost exclusively found through digital channels, such as social media.

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Develop a more personalised strategy

It is important to tailor your messages in a way that attracts people’s interests. If your invitation will go out to previous attendees, you can mention this to engage them and add statistics, videos, or pictures from the previous event. Also, you can add the upcoming event’s highlights such as keynote speakers, opportunities to learn and connect with people, and discounts for early-bird tickets.

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