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Advertising Your Events In 5 Ways

Event Company Singapore: It can be quite stressful to get your event advertised and out there, even more so when you have no idea what's the best way/s to sell your event. There are various ways to advertise your event effectively, so let us look at 5 ways to do so: leading event company singapore

1. Event discovery sites

There are a variety of such sites to choose from, such as Peatix, Bandsintown and Facebook Events, and these are pretty adept at helping get your event out there. Therefore, raise awareness by getting your event on these sites and related apps where people spend their online time. Also, you can increase the percentage of visitors who actually buy by selling tickets directly on those sites, without redirecting buyers to a ticketing page. Best Event Company in Singapore

2. Email

Email is considered as being one of the top advertising channels, and your email subscribers are one of your most engaged audiences. Before you email your entire list however, you may want to consider sending targeted messages to different segments. Make slight tweaks to your email’s subject line, body copy, and call to action; also segment your potential attendees based on geography, interests, demographics and attendees who didn’t make it to your last event. Event Company Singapore

3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

For most events, using search engines such as Google and Bing can be expected to drive between 5-10% of ticket purchases or registrations. If you want to help your event get found in a search, you need to make sure your event page is SEO-optimised.To use keywords to your advantage, you need to discover which key phrases are most valuable. Luckily, it’s not difficult or expensive to find out. Top Event Company Singapore

4. Social media

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing channels at your disposal, with about 25% of traffic to ticketing and registration pages coming from social media sites alone. Tailoring your content to each social network will help you boost engagement and sell more tickets. While creating a unique post for each social media channel can feel like a big investment of time, there are surprisingly low-effort was to customise your posts. For instance, spark emotions and interest with captions and headlines that are eye-catching via Facebook, or using Instagram to showcase stunning visuals that will pique your audience's interest. #1 event company in singapore

5. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a great way to have your event advertisements placed at the top of a search results page, as well as on YouTube, mobile apps, and other websites. Choose good keywords for an ad that people are more likely to click on, and matches the words they’d use to describe your event. In addition, as text-based ads have limited space, it’s a good idea to write three to four variations and test which ones perform best. leading event company singapore

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