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Avoiding Festival Fails, Part Deux

Event Company Singapore: We're back with some more ideas your event company SIngapore can incorporate into festival events to avoid any big foibles and missteps. So sit back and enjoy, here are more ways to avoid festival fails:

Refund policy for cancellations

Have a ticket refund policy in place in the event that there are some ticket cancellations, unexpected or otherwise. Be it due to bad weather conditions, certain musical acts pulling out for myriad reasons, or vendors leaving at the last minute, cancellations are due to happen. Thus, your event company Singapore has to be prepared for the inevitable and communicate your money-back guarantee refund policy to your attendees clearly and concisely to keep them in the loop.

RFID entrance scanning solutions

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a great and very effective technological method that allows for faster vetting of attendees as well as streamlining behind-the-scenes operations. Due to its high rate of efficiency, RFID solutions are a definite must if you want shorter lines and reduction of bottlenecking at the venue entrance, so talk to your event company Singapore to speak with ticket providers on providing RFID solutions for your event.

Availability of parking space for vehicles

When it comes to huge events such as festivals, there will be huge congestion in the parking lot sadly enough and your event company Singapore would want to have easily accessible and organised parking space at their event. So how can this be solved? Perhaps for starters, find out from attendees via emails and list a number of options on your event website when they're purchasing tickets to the event. These options could include if there are attendees with disabilities and handicapped, how many have their own means of transportation (i.e. cars, motorcycles, bicycles), are they using public transport, etc.

Clear a path for your attendees

Make sure your attendees don't feel stifled. Ensure pathways between tents/booths are clear and easily accessible for concert-goers, especially those with physical disabilities. Also, make sure trash cans, wires and any other possible obstacles are placed out of the way and not be obstructive to concert-goers as they move around the venue. Your event company Singapore would make the necessary preparations to look at how pathways are made more easily manoeuvrable for attendees at the event.

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