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Awesome Photo Booth Themes

Event Company Singapore: Photo booths have been quite the mainstay at many events, they help keep the guests intrigued and provide lots of fun at the same time. In fact, there are a myriad of different photo booths to choose from, each with their own unique aesthetic and varying levels of creativity. But which ones are definitely going to pique people's interest? Not to worry, we have narrowed down what we deem to be some of the best themed photo booths at events across Singapore:

1. Social Media Party

This one's ideal for the social media-obsessed guests who love to Instagram anything and everything. All you need are tons of hashtag-heavy props and ostentatious accessories for that perfect group shot (aka the '#wefie') with other like-minded guests. #awesome

2. Disney Villains

Ever wanted to dress up as the classic baddie from your favourite Disney films? With this photo booth, your event company singapore gives you that chance to live out your dream come true, no pun intended. Guests can pick props based on their favourite villain, such as Jafar, Maleficent, or even the Queen from Snow White for that devilishly delightful photo-op moment. Get ready to unleash your inner villain (or princess)!

3. Girls' Night Out

This one's especially for the ladies; get dressed exquisitely for the perfect photo-op with this unique photo booth retrofitted with lavish props that promises to bring out your inner model. This photo booth is guaranteed to make you go, "Man, I feel like a woman"!

4. Spa Day

How about an event that's a little more relaxing? Take a nice group photo with other guests while decked in cute head towels, facial masks and fancy guest bathrobes. Now you can take a photo-op like it's just another day at the spa!

5. Relive the 80's!

It's time to party like it's 1989 with this retro-tastic photo booth, replete with a plethora of glamorous accessories and wildly ostentatious props that will bring out your inner Cyndi Lauper or Rick Astley for that bedazzling #tbt photo-op with your khakis!

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