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Benefits Of Organising A Live Podcast

Event Company Singapore: For any event company Singapore, planning and organising a podcast-centric live event would seem like a dream come true. But why is that so? What differentiates this event from other events out there? Here are a few reasons to explain the benefits of live podcast events :

It goes easy on the wallet budget-wise

Compared to other events such as music festivals and charity fundraisers, the expenditure can indeed go through the roof sometimes, which threatens to put a dent on your planned event company Singapore budget. But with podcasts, it requires minimal equipment and furniture, apart from the AV equipment including microphones and the like which are critical to a successful podcast. All you'd have to worry about budget-wise would be refreshments for guests and their seating arrangements.

An additional revenue stream

While podcasts would have a small listenership at the beginning, with enough promotion and public outreach they'd begin to expand their fanbase and bring in more sponsors, including your event company Singapore, to help increase revenue and audience engagement. Therefore, this provides not only an opportunity to solidify that partnership contribution, but also introduce a new revenue stream generated through ticket sales.

Easily accessible target market

When it comes time for your event company Singapore to create an effective promotional strategy, you don’t have to look much further than the podcast's current listenership base. Having the hosts simply promote the live performance in the weeks leading up to the day of the live event should take care of the majority of your ticket sales, not to mention heavy promotion via social media such as Facebook and Twitter to get loyal fans to buy their tickets directly helps keep marketing costs to a minimum while tracking the success of your campaigns.

It's a brand-new experience for all

Despite its allure, live podcasts are still very much a novelty for any event company Singapore, and that uncertainty also hinges on the popularity of the hosts involved and how many fans are willing to attend such an event in the first place. While there's still a long way to go before live podcasts becoming more mainstream in the public sphere, don't give up hope on something like this that can easily reap the fruits of your hard work and dedication more than you realise.

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