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Birthday Traditions From Around The World

Event Company Singapore: Every culture has a unique set of values of traditions for every occasion, and birthdays are especially revered in some cultures as a rite of passage. As an event company Singapore planner, you can use some of the traditions listed for your expertise and benefit when it comes to planning any such birthday extravaganzas, so let's take a look at birthday traditions from around the world:


As any event company Singapore planner knows about hosting birthday events, it is about organising for a few people including the birthday guest. But what if you have to host a birthday party for an entire nation? That's exactly what happens in Vietnam, where everyone celebrates their birthday on New Year’s Day, a day they refer to as “tet.” According to Vietnamese tradition, the actual day of birth is not to be acknowledged but rather, people become a year older every year on the same day.


According to Chinese birthday tradition, it is maintained that one should symbolise their longevity by eating a plate of long noodles, slurping them in as far as possible before biting. This cultural tradition can be applicable over here with a majority Chinese population, so every event company Singapore can use this particular tradition for birthday celebrations in future.


This is a fun birthday tradition that event company Singapore planners can implement for future events: The birthday piñata filled with candy, a true Mexican tradition. In Mexico, the birthday boy would grab a blindfold and a broomstick, and smash a pinata hung high above until it is smashed to bits, revealing the candy inside. I don’t know about you, but I certainly would trade my birthday cake for a piñata any day.


I don't know if there are going to be many event company Singapore planners on board with this idea, but it does sound interesting. In Canada, birthday boys and girls are sometimes “ambushed” and their noses are greased, usually with butter, to ward off bad luck. According to some unfortunate recipients, the use of 'nose grease' was as much good luck as much as it was truly nasty and smelly post-ordeal. We would imagine so!

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