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Checklist For Event Planners

Event Company Singapore: When it comes to writing out an event planning checklist, it's not uncommon for event coordinators and planners to leave out some important details. But not to fret, here are some crucial points to note when planning out that all-important event checklist:

1. Food and drinks for attendees

Food and drinks at events are crucial to keeping guests happy and contented. But at the same time, it's important to know their dietary preferences and if they have any aversion to certain beverages and foods among other concerns. Therefore, make sure to highlight in your checklist dietary restrictions and provide meal options (e.g. vegetarian, halal) for attendees on top of ensuring non-alcoholic options. top event company singapore

2. Emergency kits

This might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes event planners can overlook this minute yet fundamental detail which could determine an event's outcome. Make sure to note in your checklist the importance of having an emergency kit or two in case, and what to include in your emergency kits such as scissors, various kinds of tape, first-aid essentials such as cream for burns and bandages, painkillers (e.g. ibuprofen), spare copies of the event itinerary, etc. Improvise what you need for the event beforehand and place those items in your kits. best event company in singapore

3. Make communication your top priority

When it comes to ensuring your event runs smoothly, communication is key. Take note of the more important personnel to keep constant correspondence with at all times, from the venue staff to volunteers and your event planning team, and sponsors, etc. event company singapore

4. Have a post-event survey with attendees

Sometimes, event planners and coordinators tend to forget to survey attendees after an event, and these surveys are important as you can gather honest feedback from the attendees to gain information on how you can improve the event next time. Therefore, make sure to note down in your checklist that it's imperative to have post-event surveys prepared beforehand and distributed to the attendees once the event is over. #1 event company in singapore

5. Recap the event with your sponsors

Now, this step is a great way to foster long-lasting relationships between you and your sponsors. Recap the events to include the number of attendees, popular social media posts, relevant information from the survey, and any other information that would delight them to see. leading event company singapore


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