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Choosing Music For A Corporate Event

Event Company Singapore: Corporate events are usually staid and formal affairs, with emphasis on interaction between guests. Of course, that doesn't mean such events are any less fun especially when it comes to entertainment, and music plays an integral part in setting the right mood and ambience. So, here are some great ideas for music that any event company Singapore can apply when planning their corporate events:

Type of event and level of formality

When planning the music for a corporate event, your event company Singapore planners would look at the following factors: what type of corporate event is it and how formal would the proceedings be. The music plays a big factor in the planning process here therefore, for instance lighter background music might be more suitable for a business luncheon whereas a formal evening reception might appropriately call for more contemporary classical music.

Target audience and their preferences

When planning out the entertainment for your corporate event together with your event company Singapore professionals, your target audience and their needs should come first. The music has to be a good fit with attendees, so consider the cultural and geographic background of your audience, as well as age and gender preferences. Also, work with your hired entertainment in charge of the music to plan out a customised playlist in accordance with the aforementioned specifics listed.

Agenda of the event

When it comes to determining the agenda of the event, your event company Singapore should determine the purpose of the music at your corporate event, prior to selecting the genre. You may consider switching styles of music for the various stages of your event and adapt the volume of the music to the different stages or your event. For example, low background music so your guests can communicate during dinner, and much louder tunes during the more informal parts of the evening.

Playing live or prerecorded music

Live music and prerecorded tunes both have a different effect that your event company Singapore would take note of. When it comes to live music, the sound should be crystal clear so assure the location set-up and the A/V equipment can make it happen. As for playing prerecorded music, subscriptions to music libraries and a well thought through a selection of playlists can help you and your hired DJ/entertainer/etc develop a wide selection of music that won't leave a huge dent in your budget.

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