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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

Event Company Singapore: Your wedding is the most important day of your life, aside from birthdays and Saturday night football, and every element must be pitch-perfect. One of the most important components has to be your wedding cake, it's a symbolic representation of holy matrimony and unconditional love and most of all, it has to be delicious! So let's look at how to choose the perfect cake for your wedding: leading event company singapore

Choose your preferred flavour/s

First thing you and your spouse-to-be would strongly consider is the type of cake and what flavour you want for your cake. Consider if there are any flavours that are special to you and your partner, or have different flavours for each tier, for example maybe the first tier is vanilla and the second tier would be dark chocolate. It is also wise to consider if you have any allergies or an intolerance to ingredients such as gluten, as well as what flavours will be a popular among your guests. #1 event company in singapore

Theme of your wedding

Base your choice of cake on the theme and style of your wedding. For instance, a traditional white wedding would call for a classic white cake with minimal embellishments or if you feel a little more creative, go for bolder more vibrant colours to suit the mood. It is best to create a mood board of your preferred wedding style, including referential images of different cake styles you like. This way you can provide your supplier a visual reference of the look, feel and theme you are going for. Top Event Company Singapore

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Number of guests at your wedding

Designing your perfect wedding cake is also dependent on the number of guests you're inviting to the wedding. For instance, you may need to consider a cake that is three to four-tiers high for at least 200 guests or so, likewise if you are having 90 guests or less one-tier cakes would suffice depending on the size of the tier. The size of your wedding cake also depends on if you would like to serve coffee or dessert portions at your wedding, provided they are portioned based on whether it's for dessert (which would be somewhat significantly larger), or coffee/tea, which usually requires smaller portions. Best Event Company in Singapore

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