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Creative Ideas For Corporate Events, Part Deux

Event Company Singapore: There are far more outrageous yet innovative ideas that any event planner can conjure up and last article, we referenced a few ideas. Well, we're not done yet! We got more insanely creative ideas that you can put into action at your next corporate event:

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Throw a summer party

A company summer party is always memorable for everyone! A few companies prefer to work with a theme such as beach or urban themes, and art can fit any topic with amazing performers being no exception. From fire acts, LED shows or incredible acrobats, the options are almost endless. Also, you can hire stilt walkers to mingle between the crowd, a crew of dancers to open the dance floor and even a diabolo act to entertain your team.

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Live sketches and caricatures

Everyone enjoys a personalised gift, specially made on the spot, so invite a caricaturist or live painter to make portraits of your colleagues and partners at work. The setup has to be very simple and it doesn’t need to take place in a big event aside from your office. At the end of the day, everyone will receive a customised gift to take home and remember this special day in the office. Corporate event ideas that allow everyone to take gifts home are an excellent way to keep everyone motivated.

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Spooky Halloween!

Your colleagues might probably not be into the whole trick or treat activity, but maybe they are into dressing up in funny costumes and party all night long. So why not organise a special spooky Halloween party for the adults? No party is complete without music and hiring a DJ for your Halloween party is much better than just playing your spooky playlist.

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Company Christmas party

Your company’s Christmas party is normally one of the big annual events and marks the end of a year of achievements and progress. Therefore, it's a great idea to probably rent a grand venue for dinner or snacks and hire the best entertainment. You can event hire a live band to provide a performance that will blow everyone’s minds and show everyone a good time!

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event company Singapore

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