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Daily Habits Destroying Your Work-Life Balance

Event Company Singapore: Trying to achieve a proper work-life balance without undoing the successes you've worked hard to achieve at your event company Singapore or any other place of work can be so delicate and near impossible. So how can one maintain their level of success and regain some form of balance as well? Here are some tips that will help identify certain problems and hopefully help you achieve the impossible :

The 'superhero' syndrome

The 'superhero' syndrome refers to thinking you can take on everything at the same time. While that may be a somewhat commendable way of approaching life, you're going to burn yourself out eventually. Be it at an event company Singapore or a misguided social justice warrior, sometimes practicing ruthless prioritisation where you eliminate certain trivial tasks in favour of more important tasks can help alleviate the burden in your work and personal life.

Artificial urgency

Artificial urgency merely refers to the tendency to label certain things as being of utmost importance even if they are actually not that important at the moment. Therefore, the solution would be to erect specific "urgency filters" based on real criteria which are specific enough for you to objectively reconcile what is truly urgent at work at your event company Singapore or during your personal life.

Undefined boundaries

When it comes to defining boundaries, we can tend to go overboard, trying to multitask and blend everything together with no clear lines in the sand. So, one way to prevent this problem is by practicing strict compartmentalisation between work (i.e. at your event company Singapore) and your personal life. This is easier said than done however, especially when you consider that technology breaks down barriers and makes us always accessible.

'No buffer' zone

Not being able to leave any time for unexpected events be it at work at your event company Singapore or your own private life results in the development of a 'no buffer' zone. So how does one rectify this issue? Firstly, set up realistic expectations for yourself that can be achievable. Next, formally implement an arbitrary 50 percent buffer into everything you do. This may take time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it this becomes more manageable and sustainable in the long run.

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