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Dealing With Negative Feedback

Event Company Singapore: Even if your event goes off without a hitch and gains huge success with attendees, there will always a few people who have their own gripes about their experience. But don't fret, it's all part and parcel of the job scope especially when you work with an event company Singapore who know the ins and outs of the business. Dealing with negative feedback requires a lot of patience and gumption on your part, and we're here to show you how:

Prioritise feedback according to importance

Determine the quality of feedback provided and act upon which ones require more attention. For example, if one person complains about the lack of toilets in the venue that may not be necessary to focus on right now, but if several attendees complain about the same issue that raises several red flags on the severity of the issue. While you may not know it, when such issues are raised by a huge chunk of your attendees it reflects heavily on your event company Singapore, hence the problem must be immediately attended to, no questions asked.

Complaints that are out of your control

Sometimes, it's not uncommon for some attendees to complain about everything under the sun, ranging from traffic conditions to the weather itself. Obviously it's nothing more than them letting off some steam for the most part, so be patient and attentive to their grievances at the moment. You can also take the opportunity to offer some viable solutions to your event company Singapore on what can be done in the event of severe weather changes or traffic conditions in the near future, like for example introducing more sheltered areas to protect guests from the rain or provide shuttle buses to and from the venue, etc.

Taking necessary action

When you finally take action in regards to more pertinent complaints being made, be sure to write attendees an email or post a short post up on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. As a representative of your event company Singapore, it would be your job to not only address complaints but take decisive action to ensure the problems are rectified in an efficient manner. Also, when it comes to promoting the event the following year, make sure you message your followers via social media and email in regards to any marked improvements made to solve the previous year's foibles.

Addressing personal complaints directly

Address more direct and harsher complaints with a personal note, either via your event company Singapore official website or directly via email. By addressing the more personal complaints directly without any airs or excuses, you ensure your complainants that you're actively doing everything to solve their problem and that those who were indeed at fault for the mishaps would be held accountable with the added promise that these mistakes won't happen again in the near future.

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