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Delicious Pot Luck Dinner Event Recipes

Dinner And Dance: Planning an event incorporating a delicious potluck dinner for guests, but you have no idea what dishes to cook up or have your guests bring to the event? Not to worry,dear readers! We have some ingenious ideas for recipes that will leave you hungry for more, so read on for more:

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Pasta primavera

If you're looking for something simple and easy to make, pasta dishes come to mind first and foremost. Well, why not try out out some pasta primavera instead? It's easy to cook, delicious in taste and it's so versatile it goes well with anything and everything! A most preferable dish for any good potluck dinner!

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Noodle casserole

Now, if you want to make your pasta look a little more rustic but also visually appealing to your guests at the same time, why not whip up a little homemade casserole dish with pasta and any ingredients of your choice. You can throw in some fettuccine with some capers and cheese of choice, you can also toss in a meat of choice (or go vegetarian), toss it in the oven and voila! You have the perfect potluck dish!

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Roast Chicken

Roast chicken are a traditional staple of any good Sunday lunch, and where potlucks are concerned make for a tasty addition to the dinner table. You can go for any kind of rubs and marinades to season the meat beyond just salt and pepper, like some paprika and cayenne pepper to give the chicken a spicy and robust flavour. Cook your chicken like how mother used to make and impress your guests!

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Shish kebabs

Shish kebabs are a traditional Mediterranean delicacy and very easy to make, not to mention delicious to eat! When it comes to events such as your potluck dinner though, add a little exotic flavour to the proceedings with some delicious shish kebabs to wow the guests. You can do the traditional chicken chunks or any other type of meat; you can even add in a vegetarian option where you substitute the meat for mushrooms and peppers. Whatever your fancy, tingle the palates with a taste of Mediterranean cuisine!

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