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Etiquette In Singapore, In A Nutshell

Event Company Singapore: Singapore is a truly diverse country in more ways than one; with our multiracial and multicultural not to mention multi-religious roots, this tiny red dot has such a wealth of customs and etiquette derived from the various cultures and races. Let us take a look at some know forms of etiquette that any event company Singapore can attest to:

Respect & Harmony

In order to to retain a harmonious and respectable relationship with peers, family, the community and society as a whole, Singaporeans will strive to not 'lose face' (lose credibility and face humiliation). This is especially so if you work in any prestigious industry, i.e. event company Singapore, where you have to adhere to certain standards so as not to be ostracised.

Communications & body language

In Singapore, there is a huge emphasis placed on your body language where subtle gestures are more prominently recognised over verbal communication. For instance, hands on hips indicate a more aggressive posture and this is especially bad for when you're working at say an event company Singapore which favours civility over hostility. Likewise, verbal communication is delicate, subtle and considered hence moments of long silences in public places is quite commonplace. Also, Singaporeans approach subjects gently, giving great consideration in their conversations, and they will avoid making direct statements, favouring a more suggestive tone instead.

Food & Dining

Dining out in Singapore is dependent upon the cultural heritage of your host or hostess, so make sure to discreetly find out beforehand, and then become familiar with the relevant proper dining etiquette. For example, the Chinese use mainly chopsticks during their meals and also refrain from alcohol until after the meal. As for the Malays, their diet is strictly 'halal', which means no pork or alcohol to put it simply, and Indians normally adopt customs and etiquette in relation to their religious beliefs such as Hinduism and Sikhism, so expect no beef and/or a largely vegetarian meal which is truly delicious! So if you're meeting with an event company representative for instance, find out more about their cultural leanings and dining etiquette beforehand.

Introduction & greeting

Respect is important to Singaporeans, and there is also an emphasis on hierarchy, particularly where age and status is concerned. You should be aware that in Singapore, elders should be treated with the utmost respect. Therefore, it is considered proper etiquette to always acknowledge the most elderly and senior person present first, for instance when meeting with one of the event company SIngapore chief executives for the first time. Due to the ethnic and religious diversity of Singapore, using the correct name and titles can become complex, so allow your counterpart to introduce themselves, and if it is still not clear you can politely ask how they should be addressed.

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