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Etiquette Tips For Lunchtime At The Office

Event Company Singapore: As Laurence Sterne once said, "respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for other guide our manners." In this respect, how you as an event company Singapore employee would behave at lunchtime, often seen as a most crucial part of any day at the office, reflects upon your peers and even your boss either positively or negatively. Here are some etiquette tips to win over your fellow event company Singapore peers:

Put your phone away

First things first, don't bring out your mobile phone at the lunch table when your event company Singapore coworkers are around. Put your phone on silent mode or vibrate (for when important messages might pop up), and only attend to your phone in the absolute case of an emergency, whereby you excuse yourself from the table to answer the call.

Proper eating methods

When eating with your event company Singapore colleagues, take note of the following: finish your food properly and do not leave anything on your plate. Once you are done, keep the utensils at the proper place and don't get up from the table until everyone has finished eating. Also, never under any circumstances put your fingers in your mouth while eating around other people, and don't dig your nose in front of your colleagues, it's plain disgusting.

Avoid eating at your workspace

Eating your lunch at your event company Singapore workspace is a big no-no for the following reasons: not only it makes your desk dirty but also makes you lethargic and dull. Also, sitting at your workspace continuously for six to seven hours becomes monotonous thus your body and mind have no time to unwind and relax for the rest of the day ahead.

Breaking bread with people you dislike

This one can seem a little out of left-field, but sometimes there will be that one person or two at your event company Singapore you want nothing to do with for certain reasons, yet they might decide to join you and your colleagues for lunch. Do not make faces at them, and no matter what try your level best to make them feel comfortable as much as possible. Be the better person in this instance, it'll earn you brownie points with your colleagues.

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