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Event Ideas For University Students, Part 2

Event Company Singapore: Back by popular demand, here are some more ideas to utilise for your events when accommodating university students. Take note that these are event ideas that many an event company Singapore might have thought of beforehand, nevertheless enjoy this article:

1. Stress-relief activities

For university students in need of some relief from the rigours of uni life, have your event company Singapore help organise a special day out that also doubles as a "spa day". Bring in top-notch massage therapists and yoga teachers to help teach students how to relax and relief their stress, while also engaging in more holistic activities to improve their overall wellbeing.

2. Speed networking

This is a great event to bring together students who would never cross paths on any given day. This is perfect for your event company Singapore, as speed networking events don't require a large budget so they can be small-scale and still be immensely productive. More importantly, it creates a space for students to connect and get to know one another, forming new friendships and perhaps much more.

3. Pop-up photo booths

We've discussed photo booths for events many times before, and the application is no different here especially where uni students are concerned. Assuming that the students themselves are quite IT-savvy and perspicacious of the latest online trends, photo booths play quite an integral role in playing to the "Instagram selfie" culture inculcated in these youngsters. Have numerous photo booths set up in strategic location all over campus, then let students take photos of themselves to post up on their social media accounts (complete with the relevant event hashtags of course).

4. Smartphone film festival

This is a fun idea that your event company Singapore would be on board with: Hold a film festival where students have to make a film using only their smartphones that conform to the guidelines provided, e.g. film theme/s, subject matter, length, etc. Pick a day to showcase entries in a more theatrical setting, and promise widespread social-media shares for the winners.

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