Exciting And Unique Public Event Ideas

Event Company Singapore: Need some great ideas to make your event as unique and exciting as possible in the public eye? Here are some really great ideas to make your event appealing to the general public and generate a ton of buzz:

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Hot air balloons

If you're looking to have attendees take to the skies in style, why not introduce hot air balloons to the proceedings. This works two-fold because it creates an experience at your event that many won’t have tried, allowing attendees a ride while also being a massive promotional or signage opportunity to draw attention to the event!

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Open mic night

From poetry slams to karaoke and musical talent showcasing their original music, an open mic night can accompany a variety of events and help bring a public event indoors to transition to night time. Just be sure to book some good musicians in between to perk things up if the submissions aren’t great!

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Food festivals

Food festivals are huge at the moment, particularly those focused on specialty foods, themes and local produce. Offer a variety of food options at stalls from providers with taster samples and offerings to purchase as a unique public event catering idea. Ensure variety by limiting the stalls selling different foods to maximise interest and profit for all involved and don’t forget to ensure that different diets are catered for and provide health-conscious alternatives. Even the displays, service and method of service can be exciting.

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Health fairs

Having a health fair included in your event could be a huge boon as a whole. These are extremely beneficial in communities with lower health rates and could include the local nurse or dentist popping along to your event and offering free health or dental checks, taking blood pressure or offering advice. Be aware these are very popular so you may want to invite other professionals that specialise in other areas of healthcare.

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event company Singapore

event company Singapore

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