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Foods NOT To Serve At Weddings

Event Company Singapore: Deciding on the food for your wedding is quite strenuous; you have to worry about dietary requirements and budgetary constraints, and that's not even the half of it! You want your guests to walk away feeling satisfied and feeling like they had the best meal of their life, right? Here are some foods you want to steer clear of so your guests don't leave with a bad taste in their mouths: leading event company singapore

1. Same food on the menu all the time

Unless your guest list is filled solely with carnivores or people on the Atkins diet, having an all-meat wedding menu is overkill especially if there's no variety to it. It's not just meat though, the same goes for any kinds of foods ranging from cheeses to chocolates and so on and so forth. Be sure to offer a variety of dishes to accommodate as many guests as possible, including a vegetarian option for anyone who doesn’t eat meat and kid-friendly options for the children. Also, ask your guests to let you know about allergies so you can talk to your caterer ahead of time to make any necessary adjustments. #1 event company in singapore

2. Serving it raw

Now while you and your significant other might have an affinity for sushi, your guests may not share that same sentiment. It's your wedding, not dinner out on a Saturday night. Same thing for steak tartare: it may be delicious when done right, but given its two main ingredients are raw meat and a runny egg, you might want to leave it off the menu. But if for some reason you're hooked on the idea of serving raw food, it takes a true expert to be able to pull off a raw bar without a hitch. Find out if the caterer has assembled a raw bar before and ask to talk to past couples for references. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Pizzas and other fast food

The big question here would be why would you want to serve pizza at a wedding? Unless it's a family tradition on yours or your spouse's side, and the food is made with quality ingredients and presented in an ostentatious manner, fast food at weddings is a big no-no. If you're still insistent on having pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and any other fast food staples served at your wedding, we'd recommend having Pizza Hut and McDonald's sponsor your wedding.

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4. Mini-me versions of food

Having bite-sized versions of popular foods such as club sandwiches and burgers may be all well and good, but you're serving food at a wedding not cocktail hour. First rule of catering at weddings is always making sure your guests are well fed and you're not going to do that with mini-cocktail sausages on sticks. If you want to serve up appetisers, maybe a little amuse-bouche might do the trick. You can serve up crab cakes (seasonal, of course) or a soup of the day to keep guests sated until the main course arrives.

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