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Free Ways To Advertise Your Event

Event Company Singapore: You read that right, we have ways for you and your event company Singapore team to promote your event FREE of charge! Here are just some of the ways to make these ideas a budget-free reality:

Post a link to your event on Twitter

Use a relevant hashtag unique to your event company Singapore to promote your event itself. Make sure the hashtag is relevant to the theme of your event and of course, ensure it can be reused easily in order to gain traction.

Share on Facebook

Find your target audience that is relevant to what you and your event company Singapore team have planned for the event, and post your event link on their wall if they have a big presence or a public page. If it's relevant that might pique their interest, otherwise they might remove it if deemed as spam.

Blog about it

Utilising blogs to promote your event helps a lot, especially if your event company Singapore has hired guest speakers and celebrities to participate in the event. This way, if your guest speakers have their own personal blogs, they can promote your event to their loyal readers on your behalf.

Contact the local media

Take the direct approach by getting in touch with various media outlets to promote your event. Be it via radio or getting featured on television, having the media help promote your event pays dividends for your event company Singapore, especially as it gets their name out there in the public space and gains traction as a result.

Event Company Singapore: For your perfect event concepts and event management, call Se7en Friday Event Company Singapore at +65-6737-0288 OR Email Us at OR browse our website at

With over 20 years of event organising and event management experience, we're happy to share our concepts of a spectacular event with you


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