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Hashtag Examples For Event Planners 101

Event Company Singapore: Hashtags have become part and parcel of social media marketing, especially in this day and age where virtually everyone is logged on to Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platform. Hashtags play a pivotal role in maximising public outreach to potential consumers and clients, so choosing the right hashtag for your event could increase your chances of success. Here are some ideas for hashtags to consider: leading event company singapore

1. Food & Beverages

For events related to food and beverages, you can use the following hashtags for your event: #catering #chefs and #happyhour. #1 event company in singapore

2. Conferences/seminars

While there are plenty of hashtags when it comes to conferences and seminars, some hashtags to consider include #conference #staffing #tradeshow #tradeshows #eventmanagement and #events among others.Top Event Company Singapore

3. Marketing

Marketing events don't have many hashtags to help in their promotion, but nevertheless they are still as important. Hashtags for these events include #experiential #contentmarketing and #marketing. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Event activities

Be it a charity gala, a training seminar or a simple keynote speaker appearance, you can use the following hashtags interchangeably to help promote your events further. Key hashtags to consider include #fundraising #keynotespeaker #networking #publicspeaking and #training. leading event company singapore

5. Meetings

Meetings are quite diverse with myriad themes and narratives depending on the type of meetings being planned. Nevertheless, the hashtags used are quite generalised and can be used for any meeting. Hashtags to use include #meeting #meetings #meetingplanners #meetingprofs and #meetingpros. Event Company Singapore

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