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Healthy & Delicious Ideas For All Events 101

Event Company Singapore: Coming up with dietary options that are healthy and delicious yet affordable can be quite difficult. But never fear, we got some ideas to inspire you to go green! Here are some mouth-watering health conscious catering ideas to inspire your next event menus:

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Seafood Starters

Seafood and fish is a popular choice for a starter at various events, but is slathered in rich mayonnaise and other such sauces as sides and appetisers. Instead, trade out the traditional prawn cocktail which can carry a lot of calories in the dressing and opt for seafood such as salmon, cod, tuna or even oysters, served raw and/or sliced thinly with a light dressing.

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Eggplant steaks

If your event company Singapore is hosting an event where you are serving steak to your guests, why not offer a healthier vegetarian option that is just as interesting if not more delicious? Using eggplant is a great alternative because it has a “meaty” texture that cuts in a similar way to steak so will leave even a meat-eater’s mouth watering!event company Singapore

Healthier alcohol

Alcohol at any event is a must, so opt to serve healthier options such as gluten free wine, light beer or soda mixes which will also appeal to those with special dietary requirements who are usually forgotten about when dealing with drinks. Try to make sure that you offer at least 2 or 3 appealing drink alternatives such as juices, low-calorie drinks or spring water for your guests who're abstaining from alcohol or are conscious about what they drink.

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Healthy wraps

A simple way to reduce the intake of carbs at your event is to offer healthier variations of traditional wraps instead. Vegetable, meat and fish wraps can be offered with a mix of salad and veggie combinations added with the fillings and also opt for leaner meat such as chicken or turkey. Wraps look more interesting when set out on a buffet table and can create a more up-market feel as opposed to offering old-school sandwich staples.

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event company Singapore

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