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Hosting A Food Party Event Stress-Free

Event Company Singapore: There’s nothing better than enjoying delicious food surrounded by family and friends. However, preparing a feast for family can be strenuous and demanding. But, does it have to be? Here are some tips for whipping up a storm and impressing your guests with a delicious meal:

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Prep and plan ahead

It's all about the food, and we like to make sure we have a mix of savoury and sweet items. Earmark some recipes that just require speedy preparation, for example pastries like muffins and scones can be frozen ahead. Don’t feel like you have to make everything, either; sometimes you can get a nice bundt cake from your local supermarket if need be.

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Keep your food warm

Instead of cooking your food at the last moment, you can have food prepared beforehand and keep it warm. For instance, casseroles, pastries and other such items can be kept warm in an oven set to 200 degrees until guests start pouring in. If you want to have guests walk into a dramatic table setting, then place your warm dishes on the table and tent with foil 5 minutes before the party.

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Mix up some drinks for guests

Contrary to popular belief, we’re all for trying new things. So, whip up a batch of strawberry daiquiris, or spice things up with a Bloody Mary for instance. One great drink to consider for your event is the delicious Strawberry Mimosa, which is a perfect sweet concoction that shows a gorgeous pink hue.

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Set up the day/night before

It's never a great idea to rush the proceedings, especially if you want your event to go off without a hitch. So, it’s especially important to set up your spread the night before. Lay out place settings, hang decorations, and make sure there are plenty of seats to go around. At the same time, think of reminders about reheating foods, brewing coffee, cleaning last-minute dishes and any other tasks that need to be completed before the party.

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