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Hosting Birthday Parties In Singapore 101

Event Company Singapore: Who doesn't love a good birthday party? You got delicious cake, great food, even better company and so on and so forth. As an event company Singapore planner, it's up to you to organise a birthday party so unforgettable that more people would be clamouring to get you in charge of hosting their birthday parties in style! Here are four of the ways to host birthday parties in Singapore that every event company Singapore planner worth their salt should know about:

Pool party galore!

Here's a wonderful way for you as an event company Singapore planner to plan out a perfect birthday celebration! Nothing quite says "wild 'n' wet" quite like a good ol' pool party replete with amazing barbecue (vegetarian and halal options available as well), tons of customisable floats and other poolside accessories, and your guests decked out in their best swimsuits of the day. Now that's a great way to celebrate one's birthday in style!

Booking a nice restaurant/cafe/bar

For those who are not particularly fond of catering, you as an event company Singapore planner can consider hosting a birthday party at your client's favourite restaurant or bar. These locations can usually hold around 25 to 35 people at max, and they also offer a small recreational space for you to decorate your backdrop as part of a mini ‘photo shoot’ for your guests. This option offers both good food and a cozy space for a mid scale party, so use that to your advantage.

Birthday bash atop Marina Bay Sands

This is something that you as an event company Singapore planner can take up due to its challenging nature: host a VIP birthday bash at the Marina Bay Sands for your client and their guests. Provide them with the works: lots of bubbly champagne, lobster and other fancy seafood as part of a wide spread, entertainment, you name it. Have guests adhere to the dress code of the party which would be dependent on the hotel guidelines beforehand, but other than that give your guests a great time to remember!

NSRCC@East Coast

In case you have never heard of it, NSRCC (National Service Resort and Country Club) is a golf and country club open to the general public and is well-known for its chalets. As your clients would want to have a more intimate birthday celebration with family and friends, you as the designated event company Singapore planner can organise a nice intimate birthday celebration with a specialised catering service providing your client's favourite food, drinks and even the cake if deemed possible (you can also hire a baker to conjure up a tasty birthday cake) and some light entertainment for the guests.

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