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How To Attract Influencers To Your Event

Event Company Singapore: Influencers are prominent social media personalities who use Facebook and Instagram among other social media platforms to promote various products and brands. So how can your event company SIngapore get influencers on board when it comes to promoting your event? Here are few ways to attract influencers to your cause:

Identifying the biggest bloggers/influencers

Before you get these influencers on board, it's imperative to find out who the biggest names in the industry are first and foremost. Your event company Singapore would like to know more about who they are and what causes and initiatives they would be interested in. Remember, you want to find influencers that might feel as passionately as you do when it comes to your event so choose wisely.

Do lots of research

Now that you've identified the biggest influencers in the industry, the next thing you want to do is research. Do extensive research on your chosen influencers to determine who might be right for the job and how they can benefit your event company Singapore exponentially. Be it the kind of hashtags they use that draws them tons of attention, how many likes and retweets they might get on average daily or even if your colleagues might follow and retweet them as well, finding influencers who are not only vocal but highly sought after is a big plus for your event.

Provide special incentives for influencers

If you’d like influencers to attend your event, you need to do something special for them in return. Before the event, you can allow them exclusive access to what goes on behind the scenes and post short snippets on their Instagram account, for instance. Also during the event, your event company Singapore could put a specialised sticker on their name tag identifying them as a blogger, a badge for their website, or an asterisks denoting them as a blogger on your member list.

Influence is more important than titles

Your influencers don't have to be top bloggers to have a great influence for your event company Singapore within your industry, and they needn’t have a large blog following to have a large social media following. For this reason, asking your association members and attendees if they’d like to blog about the event, can bring some interest you may not expect.

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