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How To Create A Site Map For Your Event

Event Company Singapore: For any event big or small, creating a site map is critical to ensuring its success. Not only can a detailed event map eliminate staff confusion — it can also make them much more efficient. Here are some ways you can create an effective site map for your event: leading event company singapore

1. Place security checks before ticket scanning

It takes longer to do security checks than it does to scan tickets. Therefore, put your security station before your ticket scanning area so there won’t be a backup between the two stations, and allow for a decent amount of ample space between the security and ticket scanning areas. #1 event company in singapore

2. Map out a specific route for vendors

Clearly indicate separate entrances for staff and vendors; this lets vendors bring supplies in and out of your event without getting held up in the chaos of the attendee line. It also will prevent them from violating any venue rules by unknowingly driving in areas where they are not permitted. Top Event Company Singapor

3. Know your box office needs

You don’t want sales to be held up by customer service issues, which often take much longer to resolve, hence your box office and customer service desks should be separate and clearly marked. Also, try to have one window for every 500 walk-ins you anticipate. That way lines will stay short, so you can capitalise as much as possible on last-minute sales. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Place customer service lines outside of entry

Speaking of customer service, place the customer service booth just outside your event away from entry and sales lanes, so as to avoid the risk of tying up the customer service and entry lines. Don’t place it inside your venue, as that will make it difficult for attendees to resolve ticket issues. Event Company Singapore

5. Equipment needs to be indicated

Your site map should include more than just physical structures; it can also note out exactly how many scanners are needed at each gate, table, or lane. This helps the rest of your team stay aligned on the day of the event, even when they’re in different locations. leading event company singapore

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