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How To Plan Your Event A Year Early

Event Company Singapore: Managing events is stressful and with so many things happening concurrently, it might seem tough, even impossible, to prepare for an event that’s a year away. But never fret, there are some great tips and tricks to make your preparations effective and even achievable as the event draws closer. Here are some ways to plan your event a year in advance: leading event company singapore

1. Develop an event marketing chronology

Start by breaking down your timeline by milestone: pre-event, ticketing launch, day-to-day, last call, etc. Once that is done, choose your channels, including email, social media, SEO, blog articles, partners, press releases, and influencers then you can map out your schedule. #1 event company in singapore

2. Book your ideal venue in advance

Whether you’re looking for a traditional venue or something more unconventional, it’s important to get this part done early because venue logistics take time. Large venues tend to book out a year in advance, so you need to book your chosen venue asap. Plus, with a contract signed a year in advance, you have a better chance of nailing down special rates and packages. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Delegate duties to your team

Assigning appropriate roles and responsibilities to your team members in advance is vital as everything comes together in the planning stage. If you’re not sure where to start, you can refer to a past event similar to your upcoming one to divide the roles and responsibilities effectively. Make sure you’ve designated a point person for even the seemingly small things, or things may fall apart later on. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Create an effective communication plan

To have a game plan facilitating proactive event communication, your best bet is to create a content calendar. Visually map out how and what you want to communicate, and when you’ll do so. Regardless of your event date, you can easily create this timeline a year ahead which will alleviate the ostensibly heavy workload. Event Company Singapore

5. Select dates for the following year

When attendees leave your event they should be hyped for the next year, so amp up that excitement by announcing dates for the following year and also provide an opportunity to purchase early bird tickets a year ahead. This gives your attendees incentive to secure their tickets right away and saves you the headache of worrying about slow ticket sales as your next event draws near. leading event company singapore


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