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How To Promote A Live Music Event With Artists

Event Company Singapore: Music is the spice of life and all that jazz, yet selling a live music event can prove to be no easy feat. Consumers are a picky lot, and the demand comes from them especially when it comes to music as a whole. But, event company Singapore organisers tend to neglect their most powerful tool in their arsenal: the artist. Therefore, let us look at how you can work in tandem with the artist/s to create the best possible music experience :

Meet with the artist and their management

To start somewhere, have your event company Singapore organise an initial meeting with the artist and representatives from their management agency, where you can outline their objectives and also ask for their input on promotional strategy. This is highly beneficial, as it allows for trust and rapport to be built between you and the artist themselves culminating in them possibly working with you in the future.

Personalised video content

Announcing your event is a critical moment, as this is the "make or break" moment where you have to persuade your target audience to attend the event. So what can you and your event company Singapore do to draw their attention? Make some personalised video content together with the artist to convince their fans and intrigued customers to buy tickets to the event. Make the video short and sweet with the focus solely on the artist, as well as provide pertinent details such as date and time of the event, ticket prices, where to purchase tickets, special offers, etc.

Actively campaign with the artist

Campaigning to promote an event is crucial to its success, especially when an artist's success hinges on actively advertising their event via the mainstream media and online. This includes live-to-air radio interviews, television appearances, online interviews with prominent celebrities, and even live-stream events where users can send in their questions to the artist thus creating a more interactive experience. By setting up targeted advertising campaigns, this helps maximise conversion to higher ticket sales for your event and this helps your event company Singapore in the long run.

Advertising access on Facebook

With the advent of social media especially in its use as an effective marketing tool, fans expect a direct line of communication with their favourite artists, so why not capitalise on this and use the artist’s Facebook page to promote your show? You can request for direct access to the artist's page via their management agency, or request for advertising access directly to their page which merely help boost the artist's posts exponentially to gain greater traction with fans. This allows you and your event company Singapore to benefit from the artist’s genuine tone of voice and thus they experience higher engagement and conversation with their fans as a result.

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