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Instagram Ideas To Promote Your Event

Event Company Singapore: With over 300 million active users and counting, Instagram is fast becoming a burgeoning tool in the hands of many an event company Singapore when it comes to promoting their events to prospective customers and clients alike. With its interactive nature and focus on visual elements such as photos and videos, the social media platform plays quite the active role in advertising as a whole. Here, we'll show you some ways to promote your event via this amazing platform:

Instagram Stories/live videos

Instagram Stories are short videos (18 seconds in length as of time of writing) which last 24 hours per recording. Its short and sweet style of disseminating information in an interactive manner is highly beneficial to any event company SIngapore, as you can use Instagram Stories to promote events in any which way you like. Be it a behind-the-scenes sneak peek, short interview clips with special guests and guest speakers, using Live Stories helps pique and sustain interest while creating a sense amongst your followers that they would be missing out on pertinent details regarding your event if they don't keep up, hence increasing that sense of urgency in them to follow every live video on your Stories for a limited time.

Using influencers to "take over" your Instagram account

If your event company SIngapore wants to amp up their Instagram promotion game, partnering with prominent influencers and Internet celebrities in collaboration with brand sponsors is one incredible way of self-promotion. Give influencers exclusive access to your Instagram account to "invade/takeover" and create stories revolving around your event for a day or even a week leading up to the event.

Hold contests on social media

In order to motivate followers to be more inclined to support the event and spread the word, your event company Singapore would hold contests on Instagram for their followers to get them invested. Through these contests, interested followers can send in their entries with the relevant event hashtags pertaining to the contests or tag the event's handle on their own Instagram stories to gain traction.

Use advertisements to promote the event

You can use advertisements interspersed into the Instagram Live stories on your event company Singapore official account to promote the event in the form of a photo or an 18-second vignette. Many companies such as Airbnb have used this method to promote their brand, and with much success. Hence, if you want to increase your chances of success, consider using this method of advertising your event for incredible results!

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