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Inventive Ways To Promote Any Film & TV Event

Event Company Singapore: Last time, we talked about how to promote any film and /or TV-related events in creative and inspirational ways to get more people invested what you have to offer. Here are some more inventive and creative ways to market any film and TV event:

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Get listed on IMDB

With millions of people visiting IMDB on a daily basis in search of new films and TV shows to watch, this site makes for a lucrative promotional tool in your film or TV show’s digital marketing strategy. IMDB is a search engine, and much like Google or YouTube, their algorithm is driven largely by relevance and popularity, so you’ll want to make sure that your film page contains as much information as possible, and is well linked throughout the site on top of having an excellent range of advertising packages, which are worth looking into.

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Video Marketing 101

For content to go viral at an exponential rate, it must push the audience to experience an emotional extreme. This can be through humour, fear, sadness, or any other strong emotional trigger so if you can create your trailer in a way that genuinely alters the viewer’s emotional state, you’re onto a winner. When you have a great video trailer, you need a seeding strategy. This gives you more control over the visual experience, while also raising awareness of your social competitions or other things you may want to promote on your official website.

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Have an interactive Facebook page

When it comes to designing your Facebook Page, make it visually compelling, especially when there have been many films and TV show Facebook Pages that don’t make use of the huge amount of space that Facebook offers to brand their page and drive engagement. Also when posting timeline updates, keep it visual, balanced, and engaging. Photos and videos typically generate the most engagement on Facebook, so be sure to incorporate this into your strategy, while balancing the type of content you post.

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Using niche social media platforms

While Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter will almost certainly be at the centre of your social media strategy, don't be dismissive of smaller platforms, such as Instagram or Pinterest. The trick is to understand these platforms and create a content strategy that fits the audience who use them. For instance, The Great Gatsby cleverly used Instagram filters to make photographs of the film, actors, and events have an old look, resonating both with the ‘Instagram style’ and the old theme of the movie.

event company Singapore

event company Singapore

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