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Last-Minute Snack Ideas For Events

Event Company Singapore: So you're planning an event on the fly and you can't afford catering at the last minute, so what can you do? Why not put your thinking cap on and channel your inner Nigella with these DIY snack ideas to wow your guests: leading event company singapore

1. Cheese on bread

Make your own creative spin on this traditional treat with some unique bread choices such as sourdough and rye, cut into neat bite-sized pieces and top it off with cheeses such as gouda and brie (or any cheese you fancy). Your choice, your rules.#1 event company in singapore

2. Guacamole dip

Guacamole is the go-to dish when it comes to putting out snacks for your guests at the last minute. Spice up this popular treat with some unique additions such as hummus and black beans, and serve it with some toasted pita slices or chips for that added crunch. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Popcorn treats

Put that unique spin on this delicious snack, you can sweeten it up with some chocolate (a popcorn cake topped with caramel for instance), or you can go the savoury route and throw in a little spice to create a unique snack that will tantalise the tastebuds (spicy popcorn chicken anyone?). Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Fried ravioli

While ravioli is often seen as a meal in itself, it doesn't mean you can't turn this Italian pasta into a sumptuous treat. You can stuff your raviolis with tried and true classics such as mozzarella cheese or you can put your own unique twist with whatever ingredients you prefer. Deep-fry until crispy and golden brown, and serve with a tantalising tomato basil dip. Now that's buono! leading event company singapore

5. Hummus dips

So maybe you're knackered from all the work you put into getting your home ready, and you've got no ideas or energy whatsoever to put out some decent snacks. Well, if you have some hummus in the pantry transform it into a tasty dip fit for any house party, and don't forget to serve it with some chips and celery and carrots as well for your vegetarian guests. Event Company Singapore

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