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Different Types of Live Streaming Events

Live Streaming Singapore - The world of events, both big and small, have dramatically shifted in the past year given the challenges facing the global world, and people and companies have had to navigate this shift to the virtual and live streaming Singapore realm as quickly as possible to continue to thrive.

This also meant that live streaming event companies like Se7en Friday had to be extremely flexible and adaptable to continue to provide an excellent standard for executing all types of events.

What are some of the different types of Live Streaming Singapore events?

Dinner & Dance

Many company Dinner & Dance events have now shifted from happening in physical spaces to live streaming Singapore platforms. How do you continually come up with creative and fresh ways to ensure participants are engaged and enjoying themselves through the screen?

From hiring the right live streaming event company and engaging live entertainment, to delivering dinner to the staff - every detail counts to make any virtual Dinner & Dance a success.


Masterclasses are always so much fun! Participants get to go beyond just learning about theories to having in-depth, hands-on experience of the subject with an expert. While traditionally masterclasses are best done in person, online live streaming Singapore events have been picking up for the past few years.

Some popular types of masterclasses include culinary and wine classes, music experiences, and even creative writing and gardening lessons with well-known industry experts.


For a while more at least, larger scale physical exhibitions will no longer be taking place. How do you create the same excitement you would at a physical art or food exhibition on a live streaming Singapore platform? Many museums as well as establishments in different industries have turned to online tours and events as a new way of connecting with their audience.

Participating in an online exhibition showcasing different people, works etc, is an experience in itself!


Whether your live streaming Singapore event is a big, multi-speaker affair, or a smaller more intimate experience, it has to be creative and impactful. Virtual events can actually help you to save some costs, but the same amount of detailed planning has to take place to create and achieve your event goals and outcomes.

Music Event

It’s been a tough time for the music industry this past year. With big gatherings and concerts banned in most places, music has taken over live streaming Singapore platforms as the best way to connect with audiences. An online music gig or concert can contain many parts and types of setups, and when done right, can create an intimate, meaningful experience for the audience.

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