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How To Live Stream A Wedding

Live Streaming Singapore - Traditionally, weddings are some of the best social gatherings ever - you get to mingle with family and friends, have good food and drinks, and even enjoy great music! Given the huge curveball the world was thrown in 2020, large get-togethers are now no longer feasible or safe. This includes all wedding festivities like banquets, religious ceremonies, solemnisations, and other cultural events like tea ceremonies etc.

With all the restrictions in place for large gatherings, live streaming Singapore weddings has become a very new normal for many couples who have decided to go ahead with their wedding plans. In fact, more and more couples are live streaming in light of the corona virus.

Here’s how live streaming Singapore weddings can be the most straightforward and inexpensive way to include all your guests to take part in your celebrations.

Limitless Options

What are the best options available for live streaming Singapore weddings? Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram seem to be the most popular choices as the platforms themselves are easy to use, and would be highly accessible to most of your wedding guests. All it requires is the push of a ‘live’ button, and your guests can tune in right away.

Some other great options include YouTube Live, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Vimeo and EventLive. Some important things to keep in mind while you choose which live streaming Singapore platform works best for you: privacy options, copyright issues if you have music during your event, and the number of people who can join your online streaming. If you're unsure how to proceed, do check in with your live streaming event company.

Virtual Wedding Invites

A great way to keep in line with the whole live streaming Singapore theme, especially if you are intending to have many friends and family join you virtually, is to create a great virtual wedding invite.

Create a Facebook group for your guests who will be attending the wedding online, and kickstart some great conversations or pre-wedding activities with them in the group. There also many sites available that offer great and free templates for paperless wedding invites. Some advantages for live streaming Singapore weddings includes lowering your costs, having an easy RSVP process, less hassle, and saving the trees!

Equipment Set-up

There are two ways to set-up for a live streaming Singapore wedding - on your own, or hiring a professional to do it for you. If you have no budget to hire an experienced team to do all the hard work for you, simple camera set-ups are still completely possible and can look great. The most basic set-up just requires your phone and connection to the internet. You will need to designate someone from your wedding party to take charge of the set-up and see that the recording runs smoothly throughout the event.

If you are looking for more advanced set-ups, hire a professional team like Se7en Friday to take charge, and give you the best possible live stream Singapore wedding experience. Sit back and enjoy while they provide your online wedding guests with a seamless and high quality virtual experience.


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