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Live Streaming Tips For Concerts

Live Streaming Singapore - Tuning in to performances online is the best way for fans and audiences to stay connected to their favourite performances these days. With little to no major concerts happening in Singapore and all around the world, performing via live streaming Singapore platforms is the new normal for artists from all industries - singers, bands, actors, comedy performers etc.

While live streaming an event might seem easy enough, if you are looking to provide your audience with the best possible experience, it's important to think about the tools, platforms and equipment you can use to create the biggest bang!


If you have the budget for it, ensure that your live streaming Singapore concert is being streamed on as many platforms as possible, especially if your audience is wide and varies. You want to reach out to as many people as possible. Multi-streaming really allows you to get good coverage. Each platform, like Youtube and Facebook, have a different set of rules, and work differently. Reach our to your event provider to tailor what works best for your audience.

Incorporate Sponsorship

Many organisations are now looking gat branded live content as the best way to reach out to their target consumers, especially as everything is now happening in the digital world. Get create with your event management team and incorporate sponsored content to your live streaming Singapore concert. Pre-record an advertisement to include in the live stream, or work with a brand that would like to launch a new product. The options are limitless.

Intuitive Software

This can be important whether your live streaming Singapore concert is a small affair, or a larger event. Some excellent options include OBS and Streamlabs, both of which are free for use. These options are straightforward, and have many tools and features to up your game and create the best experience for your audience.

Lighting Is Crucial

Brightening up your productions is one of the simplest ways to achieve a fast and effective upgrade to the quality of you live streaming Singapore events. If you are a one-man team, invest in an on-camera light, or a ring light. This will give your live streams a more complete look. If you want an even better quality production, invest in more professional studio lighting kits - this might be the the best option, especially if you are intending to hold more than one online concert.

Hire Professionals

Hire an event company that is well-versed in all the different aspects that make a live streaming Singapore concert successful. From knowing which platforms and equipment will work best for you and your team, to test-driving the concert multiple times before the actual event, to ensuring that an excellent live stream is delivered - event management companies with experience are the way to go.


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