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Low Budget Ways To Market Your Event

Event Company Singapore: So you're working on a limited budget while promoting your event, and marketing is especially critical to any event's success. So what can be done to market your event without stretching your dollar any further and putting a dent in the wallets of your event company Singapore employer? Well, we have some no-cost/low-budget marketing solutions that will greatly aid you in your time of need:

Build your brand on social media

To build your event company Singapore brand on myriad social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, consider adopting a niche or specialised segmentation so your target demographic will check your calendar for events they might have a vested interest in. This in turn creates trust and confidence in your brand that leads to more piqued interest in future events.

Offer special discounts and rewards

If you believe your consumers are more likely to attend when their friends are going, and you rationalise that having reduced entry fees is a better option, use special rewards and discounts to incentivise attendees going to your event. Likewise if your event is a conference or something with additional materials for sale, know that you’re likely to make additional money with the additional headcount so be mindful of that and also let your event company Singapore know as well.

Encourage social shares

Using hashtags affiliated with your event company Singapore is a feasible way of organising content created in regards to your event as a means to garner more interest. Embed your event hashtags at specific locations, such as a slide deck presentation or a live stage if its's a music-oriented event, and then get attendees to share their experiences at your event online with the hashtags. Also, you can get your special guests and/or presenters to post materials related to the event to generate further interest among interested non-attendees for the next event.

Make friends with online personalities

Meet and make as many friends as possible with Internet personalities such as bloggers, influencers and media personalities. Building and strengthening bonds with them and your event company Singapore once they like and trust you can lead to them helping promote your event on their own social media pages to their rabid fanbase, and you can sweeten the pot by giving them the full VIP treatment at your event replete with all the many exclusive deals and so on and so forth.

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