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Marketing Your Event On Zero Budget

Event Company Singapore: Last time, we talked about how to plan your event on a tight budget. Now, we are here to tell you how to market your event with no money. Sounds crazy we know, but we have some cost-effective marketing solutions just for you, especially as marketing is crucial to your event's success. Here are some ways to market your budget on zero budget: Event Company Singapore

1. Build your brand on social media

Consider adopting a niche so people in an industry or demographic check your calendar for events they know they’ll enjoy. Also, make friends with as many bloggers, influencers, and social media ambassadors as possible, as they could help you get the word out on your events if you garner their trust well enough. Best Event Company in Singapore

2. Keep your attendee lists up to date

If you have a good working relationship with your client, work with their marketing department to ensure the attendee list from last year doesn’t get stale. Engage the attendees throughout the year through email campaigns and they are more likely to attend next year. Send email alerts on early-bird pricing, deadlines, contests, award applications, etc throughout the year so the event stays fresh in your attendees' minds. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Pixel your event website

Pixelating your website is free and you can use the data derived from visitors to present materials on Facebook to people who are most likely to attend or be interested in your event. Facebook pixels are a great way to build custom audiences from your website for retargeting purposes. #1 event company in singapore

4. Use event-related hashtags often and early

Assign your event a unique hashtag and make sure everyone is using it before, during, and after your event. Tag photos, posts, and create table tents at your event with your chosen hashtags.Hashtags make it easy to find event content, and a well-used hashtag makes non-attendees curious about your event so much so that they would learn more about it based on the social media shares and content. leading event company singapore

5. Invite more people through social media

You can do this two ways: broadcast your message with a URL to your event (or microsite), or invite people directly through Facebook events feature. Also, you can also set up an event page for your event. leading event company singapore

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