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Men's Shoe Types For Every Event

Event Company Singapore: Attending an event, be it an upscale charity gala or a more conservative symposium, means dressing appropriately for the right occasion. But do you know what kind of shoes goes best with that outfit you picked out? Here are the 5 types of men's shoes best suited for any event hosted by your event company Singapore:

1. Oxfords (aka Balmorals)

Oxfords are popular all-around dress shoes that are perfect for any occasion, be it a formal office party or a simple meeting organised by any event company Singapore. While you can choose what colour of oxfords to wear at your own discretion, we highly recommend oxfords of a lighter colour such as cognac for a more down-to-earth feel, or a more sophisticated black design for formal occasions.

2. Loafers

More traditionally worn as a dressy sports shoe, loafers can be quite sophisticated in themselves despite the lack of straps or laces and their comfortable slip-on nature. These shoes can be worn for more casual events, such as drinks after work with colleagues from your event company Singapore for instance, or more prestigious events such as charity fundraisers where darker-coloured loafers are highly recommended. top event company singapore

3. Cap Toes

Seen as the oxford's more ostentatious sibling, cap toes are essentially oxfords albeit with an additional layer of leather over the toe. However, cap toes are not as multi-purposeful as their predecessors, being more suited for highly sophisticated events hosted by any prestigious event company Singapore such as formal dinners and ballroom galas for instance. #1 event company

4. Dress Boots

These slim ankle-length shoes are quite elegant and snug, with wing tips embellishing its already exquisite form. Dress boots are perfect for any occasion, casual or formal, and they go well with tapered dress pants or a casual pair of denim jeans depending on the kind of event organised by any event company Singapore. best event company singapore

5. Monk Straps

While similar to loafers due to their distinct lack of laces, they differentiate themselves from their laid-back cousins with added embellishments of metallic buckles and leather straps on the upper part of the shoe. Monk straps can be worn for a day at the office of your event company Singapore if you want to look sophisticated, or when you're up at the altar on your wedding day and you want to dress to impress your guests.


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H/T: Askmen


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