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More Breakfast Options For Events, Part 2

Event Company Singapore: There are more ways to get the best possible breakfast options for your events without putting a dent in your budget. So do you want to start the day right? Here are some great breakfast menu options to help get the day started right at any event:

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Healthy options

With more attendees being increasingly perspicacious of health and wellness, many event planners are looking for hotels and caterers to offer more healthy items for their guests. It is occasionally challenging because it seems some of the larger catering event companies are still working to catch up to this trend. In order to provide a healthy breakfast, you have to first make sure the menu does not include anything fried, after which it helps to request that they consider a custom menu, including granola cereals, whole grain bread and low-fat spreads.

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Add a memorable touch

Despite not having the time to enjoy breakfast, most people aren't usually impressed by typical hotel or catered event breakfast menus. To make your breakfast meeting more interesting, try serving up various foods in memorable ways, such as assorted fruit yogurts served in glassware, fresh granola bars made by an executive chef and a freshly prepared omelette station and chef.

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100 attendee healthy breakfast menu

Sometimes event planners need to put aside the standard breakfast menus and create a completely different experience for their clients. Hence, This healthy breakfast buffet menu has been designed for a 100 attendee breakfast meeting with an agenda that's focused on health and wellness. While this menu may cost more than a traditional breakfast buffet, it includes a smoothie station which is not included in the base price of any breakfast buffet. Therefore, overall, this healthy breakfast buffet cost relatively the same as most packaged menus.

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A la carte menu

Normally, one wouldn't typically recommend building a breakfast menu a la carte because it isn't cost effective and can be more pricey than a set menu. Priced usually based on quantity rather than per person, a quick sampling of popular a la carte items to get your thinking started include bagels with assorted cream cheeses, bottled water and flavoured coffees among other breakfast items.

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event company Singapore

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