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More Healthy Snacks Inspired By The World Cup

Event Company Singapore: As the FIFA World Cup in Russia is nearing its end at the time of writing, let us take a look at more delicious and healthy snacks inspired by nations from around the world playing at the World Cup that you can enjoy whilst watching all the games. So here we go:

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Olives (Spain)

Olives are an integral part of the Spanish culinary world and it’s the perfect snack for eating during a match. You can eat olives raw or maybe add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some bread with vegetables if you’re feeling extra hungry. Olives are super healthy with the monounsaturated fats decreasing the risk of heart disease and boosting HDL cholesterol, and they also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which means they can prevent some diseases.

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Quinoa (Peru)

Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah) is a Peruvian superfood that has been eaten for thousands of years by the ancient Incas. With Quinoa you can make snacks that are healthy but have a little bit of a kick. For example, dark chocolate Quinoa balls are perfect for snacking on during games. The ingredients (without the chocolate) are blended together in a food processor and formed into balls then melting chocolate is poured over and the balls are left to set in the fridge.

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Asado (Argentina)

The meat-based barbecue Asado is the national dish of Argentina, and includes steak, sausages, burgers and ribs, which you can cook during the World Cup before the game on an open fire or BBQ outside before huddling around the TV. After spending some time cooking the meats you can watch the magical Messi in action.If you’re a vegetarian you might want to try Soy Meatballs, which are popular in Argentina. These healthy snacks are made from leeks, onions, cucumbers, carrots, celery, textured soy and nutmeg.

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Skyr (Iceland)

This delicious dairy treat is unique to Iceland and as well as being delicious it is virtually fat-free and is full of protein. Skyr looks similar to Greek yoghurt, but is in fact closer related to cheese in the way it is processed, which makes it slightly thicker than your standard yoghurt. Skyr doesn’t just have to be plain and is available in a number of flavours; from coconut to lemon cake. However, in Iceland the unsweetened version is massively popular and is usually accompanied with berries and strawberries.

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