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More Healthy Ways To Promote Your Event

Event Company Singapore: We last talked about how your event company SIngapore can incorporate some health-conscious ideas into your events to coerce your guests into adopting a healthier lifestyle. Well, that is not the end of that discussion, as we're back with some more ideas that will most certainly keep your guests in the pink of health always:

Provide colourful bowls

Add a dash of colour to the proceedings with some truly eye-catching bowls of various fruit, vegetables, grains and other ingredients of choice. To make these bowls even more interesting, spice them up by adding in some vibrantly-coloured ingredients, or you can also create some visually stunning layers by combining various blends in your bowl. Your event company Singapore can get some brand sponsors who specialise in these type of healthy bowls for your event.

Mental health feedback

Mental health is an important issue that deserves attention and emphasis, even more so in this day and age. Together with your event company Singapore, work with brand sponsors and non-profit organisations who specialise in dealing with mental health to host a fundraiser dealing with the importance of mental health awareness. There can be mini-workshops focused on improving mental wellness, mood pins that highlight a common thought or feeling in people struggling with debilitating mental health disorders, and even a mural focused on mental health awareness contributed by various prominent artists.

Dance workshops

Dance 'til you drop with this format that will surely get attendees grooving to the beat while chasing the fat away! Get some special sponsors to work in tandem with your event company Singapore to organise some workshops that specialise in various forms of dance focused on losing fat and gaining a good healthy figure. Hire specialised fitness instructors to charm your guests and get them dancing to the beat in no time at all!

Healthy eating workshops

This is a great way to get your attendees to subscribe to a healthier diet. Work with prominent chefs in association with certain sponsors willing to work with your event company Singapore to organise workshops where chefs can show the importance of eating healthy. They can show attendees the benefits of certain foods, and even hold cooking demonstrations to teach guests how to whip up healthy gourmet meals that are delicious and easy to make!

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