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More Ways To Make Workshops Engaging

Event Company Singapore: We last talked about various ways to make workshops more engaging, so here are some ways your event company Singapore can spice up the proceedings:

Tell a good story

Make yourself relatable to your audience by telling an anecdotal story based on your real-life experiences. Maybe share a story or two related to working with your event company Singapore, or any personal experiences you wish to share so long as it's relevant to the theme of the workshop.

Play some music

You can play some music in between intermissions to relax your attendees and have them feeling rejuvenated before the event company Singapore workshop resumes. Likewise, you can play music during the workshop, either something upbeat to get them pumped up during physical activities or some soothing classical tunes to help them relax during the more subdued moments where group work is involved, for instance

Keep it short

Don't overload your attendees with tons of pertinent information. Instead, you can have your event company Singapore reduce the duration down to 2 hours maximum. Otherwise, if the workshop is to be conducted throughout the day, make sure to place lots of short breaks in between sessions to allow your participants time to grab a bite to eat and/or quench their thirst at least.

Reward and recognition

Have personalised certificates produced by your event company Singapore to present to attendees upon completion of the workshop. Also, consider some extra incentives such as prizes for best participant for example; this would help make the attendees feel appreciated by you and your event company Singapore which in turn makes them see you more positively and willing to take part in future events.

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